Quotes From Karl’s Articles

These quotes are pulled directly from the articles Karl wrote, which you can find featured on this site.

The paradox is that change requires doing nothing.

Self-responsibility means realizing I am the author of my choices and actions.

Accountability is the willingness to maintain the point of view—whether or not it is yet your experience—that you are a part, cause, agent or source of your experience and everything around you.

I invite you to tell the truth, as completely as possible, about what is here now.

Defense mechanisms are unconscious psychological mechanisms that protect us from feelings that we cannot consciously accept.

Projection is a particularly insidious defense mechanism, because it not only prevents a person from dealing with his own feelings, it also creates a world where he perceives everyone else as directing his own hostile feelings back at him.

A safe general rule is that a defense is healthy if it helps you to function better in your personal and professional life, and unhealthy if it interferes with your life, your relationships, or the well-being of others.

If projection is used as a defense mechanism to a very great extent in adult life, the user’s perception of external reality will be seriously distorted.

Because defense mechanisms distort reality in order to avoid unpleasant emotions, the person who uses them has an impaired ability to recognize and accept reality.

Children need to learn how to deal appropriately with reality, rather than how to avoid it.

Service gets you off yourself and beyond your personal desires. It opens the connection to the higher-self — it is energetically an out moving and expansive experience.

When we overreact negatively to certain qualities in another person, we are likely driven by the power of the shadow. We least like in others what we’ve rejected in ourselves.

We are not just what we think we are. We are also what we think we are not

When self-consciousness binds us to the illusion of space and time then we are doomed to repeat the karmic cycles of cosmic manifestation.

Without dealing with things directly and honestly there really is no chance for healing.

Speaking the truth is healing, this confrontation is a beautiful thing. The trouble is that healing has one purpose. Confrontation can have another purpose: bullying, domination or punishment.

The Guardian wants you to think you should be able to defeat it with occasional effort — hoping you’ll give up when you see how much commitment is required. Those who get the most out of the seminars won’t be the smartest ones. They’ll be the ones with the best work ethic.

Your willingness to remain present and follow the process through to completion is your willingness to be present for your own process

The level of presence you bring to others is how present you are for yourself. There is no one out there. We are all part of the same intelligence.

When we feel shame or humiliation, we may have been acting from our shadow self. When our anger at other people’s faults seems out of proportion, it may be our own weakness that we prefer not to face that generates the heat.

True communication requires doing nothing. Listen without judging or needing to respond.

True listening requires an inner shift in focus from a rational psychological problem oriented process, centered in the mind, to an intuitive spiritual process, centered in the heart.

When you cannot feel or avoid feeling, you are insane! Life is about having emotions rather than your emotions having you.

You get to be a victim for the rest of your life or release the addiction to anxiety and let the “soul” be the director in your life!

We must start seeing ourselves and knowing ourselves as active, self-participating, conscious co-creators with God. Only so will we attain our destiny and will we overcome what are called the adverse influences of the stars.

You are a miniature Cosmos. You can learn to relate yourself to the vast energies that pour into you and around you all of the time. It is up to you to learn how to respond on the higher vibrational levels — how to take in the new atoms that are related to your growth in evolution; how to emanate the atoms of the your primitive nature, which are part of your problems. It is time we all become the whole creature as our Creator intends.

We are not our bodies our emotions or our minds or any of the structures and restrictions we experience around us. We are an infinite part of the god force using the physical form to experience spiritual development through a special teaching called “daily life.”

Life is about being in the moment, the experience of living rather than whipping up drama and then giving the experience meaning.

You are not a victim of external circumstances. You are the source cause or agent of everything around you.

It is a choice to be in harmony with the universe

When you make the divine mystery the center of your life the material world falls into place, achieves perspective.

Maintaining your grounding and inner sense of happiness requires massive focus when the culture around you is asleep, in a consensus trance, heightened today by social media, most of which is an addiction to practicing a mythology of limitation and suffering.

Self-love is nothing more or less than the ability to love all aspects of yourself, including your disowned self; your shadow aspects. It is the non acceptance of the shadow aspects that keeps us bound to suffering.

Desiring only the positive is just a form of denial, which embellishes the shadow and the self-concept of the super ego

The key is to catch each moment of inferiority or self-hate or self-loathing and neutralize it by facing the feeling rather than repressing the feelings.

Stay here, now, stop trying to get away from the richness and freedom of the present moment.

This point of transition, this gap point, this place of doing nothing from the rational mind, is no man’s land. And all of the mind’s activity around that gap, is to get out of the gap, because it is the unknown. And yet “it” is the destination, and everyone tries to jump over that gap.

The word, God, for me evokes the Great Mystery and makes reality seem an illusion.

Freedom is beyond any limited state held in the mind, it can never be held as a thought or a concept. Freedom is living intelligence.

One’s own awareness is so ordinary and all pervasive it goes continually overlooked, and yet ironically it offers the very freedom that is longed for.

All desire leads away from the truth of who you are and to suffering.

If you are willing to face the shame and embarrassment, the pain of your own self-betrayal, that pain is a divine fire that burns away all illusions and reveals the power of your own choice to suffer.

The true path is found through surrendering to something greater than the rational mind, going inside to complete ourselves through the development of humility, truth and authentic power.

Forgiveness means you no longer hold others responsible for your experiences and your suffering. You forgive yourself for believing that you were ever at the effect of another person’s actions.

Complaining is victim consciousness, a dynamic of wanting someone else to be responsible for your experience and to fix things for you.

The truth is we create all the drama internally and project it out onto the world stage of our own film.

Just reporting the details of your life without ascribing meaning to the events is true accountability.

If you are willing to dis-identify with your story for a minute, or an hour, or an afternoon, then there is the recognition that you, the authentic-self, exists without your story.

Stories are deeply valuable to us. However, until we are willing to disengage from our stories, and simply observe them as they play through us, at least briefly, we are actually tyrannized by them.

The spiritual substance from which comes all visible wealth is never depleted. It is with you all the time and responds to your faith in it and your requests.

Until we awaken to our true nature and our true self, much of how we interface with reality and the world is an unconscious fantasy projected from within, a survival strategy orchestrated by a fractured psyche.

One the most important concepts you could ever learn is that you are not your mind. You’re much more than your mind. Your mind is a part of you just as your hand is a part of you.

Whatever you ignore shows up in your life and whatever you desire, you push away. These two dynamics are the primary modes utilized to perpetuate our addiction to suffering.

When people use positive thinking they “believe” their thoughts are true. This is irresponsible behavior. They ignore the innate wisdom and intelligence of their inner nature and the universe.

Growth requires a “willingness” to enter the void to find the creative source.

Truth is revealed when all that was learned and practiced during a lifetime, is undone; then what is revealed has always been here. No teaching can ever really cover it over or disturb it.

The universal law is impartial and unemotional. It has no way of knowing what you want, nor does it discriminate between your hopes and aspirations, likes and dislikes-it is pure energy.

To understand the creative process we must look at two aspects of Universal Law. Firstly, there lies within all mankind an immense power and, secondly, this power is impartial and unemotional.

It’s not just an idea — it’s a living energetic force, which has magical powers if you know how to harness them.

We’re not aware of this other collection of psychological parts, the shadow, because our ego feels that it shouldn’t be part of us. Usually because our ego assumes these parts are inferior, but sometimes because it’s evil.

If you are out of touch with your inner beauty and creativity, these aspects will be relegated to the shadow.

The universe tries to make every living thing whole. The events of our lives, especially the difficult ones, have the hidden purpose of forcing us to look at and accept our shadows and become whole again.

The moment we change course and decide to include our shadows in our lives, all the bound up energy is released and redirected towards our vision and constructive purposes.

Our hands initiate energetic vectors. We use our hands to implement our conscious choices in the world – our hands are our projective principle.

The general projective principle, the nature of the holographic universe is embodied in our hands, it is one of the fundamentals of creation. It must be a part of any grand unification in physics, and between physics and consciousness.