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Basic Truth

In recognizing the basic truth, I am here, one has the opportunity to be welcomed here, to welcome yourself here, and to welcome what else has appeared here and now, in whatever state you find yourself.   I invite you to tell the truth, as completely as possible, about what is [...]

Cockroach Theory

Cockroach Theory A beautiful speech by Sundar Pichai an IIT MIT Alumnus and Global Head Google Chrome: The Cockroach Theory for Self Development At a restaurant, a cockroach suddenly flew from somewhere and sat on a lady. She started screaming out of fear. With a panic stricken face and trembling [...]


Self-responsibility means realizing I am the author of my choices and actions. I’m responsible for my life and well-being and for the achievement of my desires. You must maintain a viewpoint of accountability. Accountability is the willingness to maintain the point of view—whether or not it is yet your experience—that [...]

Knowledge Does Not Equal Understanding

What it is that has brought you to where you are is insufficient to solve the problems of where you are in life, it isn’t powerful enough to solve the problems that it has created. Every stage of development and strategic thinking reveals its own limit, becomes its own limit. We [...]

Prerequisites for Growth and Authenticity

Among many native traditions, it is said life is simple if you: Show up. Pay attention. Tell the truth without blame or judgment. Are open to outcome, rather than attached to outcome. To begin the process of personal growth, engage your self-observer and: Delete the need to understand. Make no [...]

Male-Female Polarities of the Human Body

View a downloadable infographic showing the body polarities here. This information is meant to further illustrate the energy fields of the human body. The renderings and colored chart represent the general shapes and placement of individual Chakras. In the real world the shape and placement of the Chakras and fields vary [...]

We Do Not See Things as They Are

On a fall afternoon — I was five or six – I walked along one of the tree covered lanes on our farm. On the left along the dirt path large, curled, dried, brown leaves of the May apples, on the right, the moss covered bed of a trickling stream. The [...]

Guilt & Punishment

When you feel guilt, an important characteristic of this feeling is that you should be punished. You should be punished because of the things you have done, or the wrong person you believe you are. Once you believe guilt is real, then you believe that you will soon be punished [...]

The Greatest Fear

You can only continue a round of self-betraying behavior, if you think you're going to get something different from that next cycle. All addictions are self-betrayal. Defining yourself as an object is self-betrayal. The greatest fear is not defining yourself at all. When you get close to not defining yourself [...]

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