If you are indulging in who you are not, you cannot be truly who you are. Personality involves “my thoughts,” “my feelings,” and “my behavior” the three areas within which people identify themselves. These combined are the foundation of the self-concept, a false-self and the root cause for much of the pain and suffering in life. The intention of most traditional therapy is to give you a more functional self-concept, to put a fresh coat of paint on the old myths. The outcome, a better version of the same old story featuring a more functional ego. However, you remain the victim of the story.

Egoic identification requires the continual maintenance of a set of myths; the personal story. A story of a “me” and what happens to “me” made by stringing together eventful moments that arise and giving them continuity by taking it all personally.

Therapy often focuses on changing the quality of the story you tell yourself. You can change a negative inner dialogue into a positive inner dialogue. This is a beneficial stage. If therapy stops at the level of the personality you recycle the same stories with a new cast of characters. Story telling is an ongoing form of trance induction “personal self-hypnosis,” opinions and beliefs about the way things are.

Spiritual ripeness hungers for something deeper, knows there is something beyond the rational mind and constructs of the ego, something more. There arises a longing for true peace, freedom and love. Ultimately, it is seen that the personality is neither the problem nor the solution and all stories must stop. True freedom is realized in the stopping of the drama of story creation and story perpetuation. Self-actualization, self awareness, begins with the insight that it all begins and ends with you.