Our physical presence and the extension of this presence through the hand connects (wisdom, in our mind-space) and (understanding, in the world), all systems, whether it be the alphabet, numbers, geometry or language, that represent a process of projection from one state or dimension into another. Whether it is a seed becoming a fruit with new seed – a generational life-cycle, or our mind’s projection towards the transcendent in meditation, or the projection of space and time from space-time, the underlying geometric model is the same. All movement and action represents a general projective principle.

This general projective principle is embodied in our human experience by our hands, which project our conscious will (inside our mind-space), onto the physical world (outside). Our hands initiate energetic vectors. We use our hands to implement our conscious choices in the world – our hands are our projective principle. Our unique opposable thumb is linked to our human self-awareness. We know that it is the motor and sensory cortex for the hand which humans adapt to control speech.

In retrospect, it seems quite natural that the letters of the alphabet come from an idealization of our own hand. We call writing, “hand-writing.” The Hebrew letters are traditionally said to be made of flame or fire, and to derive from “Yod” – the letter Yod, “i,” designating the pointer of our personal consciousness – and Yad means “hand.”

We use our hands to point to things in our experience in the same way as the “quantum state vector” designates entities in physics. Torah descriptions of the “hand of God” do not imply that God has physical hands. Rather, they describe God’s projection, a vector, of an event into our conscious reality. All humans, blind or sighted, young or old, can always visualize their own hands.

The general projective principle, the nature of the holographic universe is embodied in our hands, it is one of the fundamentals of creation. It must be a part of any grand unification in physics, and between physics and consciousness.