The shadow is a concept discovered by Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist known for studying dreams and the unconscious. It’s not just an idea — it’s a living energetic force, which has magical powers if you know how to harness them. Jung felt the shadow was composed of archetypes. This means it exists inside every single person cross culturally and is comprised of the same basic energetic components.

Think of your shadow as an alter ego. We all have many psychological aspects, however, we are usually only aware of the complex we call our ego, our self-concept, the part we think of as “us.” We’re not aware of this other collection of psychological parts, the shadow, because our ego feels that it shouldn’t be part of us. Usually because our ego assumes these parts are inferior, but sometimes because it’s evil. Whatever it is, it’s not part of how our ego wants to present us to other people. Our ego tries to hide what it perceives as deficient. This is the root of the inner struggle.

If you have a physical imperfection or a personality weakness, those get relegated to your shadow. If you’ve had a period in your life where you felt isolated, depressed, inferior to others, that’s a “shadowy” period, if there are certain situations that fill you with anxiety or insecurity they have brought out your shadow. If you are out of touch with your inner beauty and creativity, these aspects will be relegated to the shadow. This is the myth of Cinderella and her ugly sisters. The ego (the ugly sisters) in a quest for “power” is threatened by outer beauty and locks it up downstairs beneath the castle in the kitchen.

The universe tries to make every living thing whole. The events of our lives, especially the difficult ones, have the hidden purpose of forcing us to look at and accept our shadows and become whole again. We all try to fight this — to keep the shadow hidden and excluded. This is the inner conflict behind all human problems (and behind all good movies). We cause ourselves a lot of stress and waste a tremendous amount of energy in this battle to suppress the shadow.

The moment we change course and decide to include our shadows in our lives, all the bound up energy is released and redirected towards our vision and constructive purposes. That’s the magic. If you’ve ever done anything creative and had a breakthrough, it’s because you’ve connected with and released the energy bound up by your shadow. This tends to freak us out because it’s mysterious and we’re not in control of it. When the shadow is present and in relationship, we experience “the flow, the zone.” The shadow isn’t really inferior at all. It is just that our ego projects our perceived flaws onto it. That is why the shadow is in pain all the time. The reason it seems inferior is because the shadow is bound to a different state of consciousness. It’s more instinctive, less verbal, doesn’t care about results. It also likes being part of something bigger —
our egos like to be independent agents. The ego does anything it can to protect us including competing with God. All of these qualities seem insane to the outer oriented, results driven ego — so our ego sees every aspect of the shadow as inferior.

No matter what other tools or topics we deal with in these seminars your shadow will accompany you in every class. Among other things, it will tell you things about yourself you need to know (but may hide from). A key intention of the Movement Diagnostics and Quantum Access ™, is to give you the group support through a functional community (and the specific techniques) to get your shadow out into the world, to bring it to a conscious level and to integrate it into a greater self. Its inclusion in your life will let you do things you’ve never been able to do before. In time it will change everything in your life.