You were born with Truth already alive within you. All that blocks it from conscious awareness and recognition is your idea of what it is, your seeking, your collection of definitions and stories about what it is and what it looks like. That there are eternal truths no one can change even if one wanted to … is completely incomprehensible to the rational mind set. Words are unreliable. What is absolutely reliable and trustworthy is the living presence of your own being rising up from within to know itself. This is why the symbolic nature of Quantum Access™, Level Three awareness and Movement Therapy Diagnostics is so valuable, there is no way to do it in your head, it is the best lie detector there is!

Truth is revealed when all that was learned and practiced during a lifetime, is undone; then what is revealed has always been here. No teaching can ever really cover it over or disturb it.

The ego wants to elevate itself in any way it can. It will happily set off on the spiritual path because it enjoys the feeling that it is becoming more spiritual. It loves spiritual knowledge and power.

It will continue on the path as long as it continues to accumulate more spiritual knowledge or power. In other words, the ego is becoming spiritualized, a spiritual elitism, which is most unhelpful for one who is truly committed to full awakening.

As we evolve spiritually, we evolve our ability to sense and read our environment in a more dynamic and complex manner. Quantum Access™, Level Three awareness and Movement Feedback Diagnostics leads to the development of a greater ability to sense aesthetic differences, which leads to greater neurological complexity, which leads to accelerated creativity and learning. Overall awareness increases both in the normal states of consciousness of our day to day experience and our experience of the more expanded states of consciousness associated with intuition and our energetic interface with the quantum field.

To grow you must be willing to find meaning in perceived negative events. Growth requires a “willingness” to enter the void to find the creative source. Because this void feels like death to the ego you must have faith in and trust a greater power; the unknown.

The desire for truth, for God, for freedom can never be satisfied even by the most exquisite experiences, techniques or states of mind. This is the realization that most people avoid because it is so radical, because it means that the desire for freedom is not just a toy of the mind. Freedom is beyond any limited state held in the mind, it can never be held as a thought or a concept. Freedom is a living intelligence. Quantum Access™, the Movement Diagnostics and these Level Three seminars are about consciously being present – consciously not knowing, yet consciously open to know, without any idea of what will be known.