The hype of the media and the church of commercialism of our popular culture is spinning a massive myth that says you are not okay the way you came into this world! The lie of this myth greases the wheels of the advertising machinery. Products are shrouded in an invisible wrapper that screams “buy me” and you will gain acceptance in the world. The truth is; that if the thing that you aim for is prestige, celebrity, visibility, or a gold medal, it is personality that is motivating the competition. From this place, you strive to empower the objectified-egoistic-self-concept at the expense of others, to assert your superiority over other human beings.

From this place your ego strives for the illusion of external power. You strive for this reward and that reward to assess your value, before valuing yourself. You place your sense of self-worth in the hands of others. In this place, you have no real power, even if you win every gold medal or award in the world. This is the basis for all addiction in western culture. We seek love from outside when we purchase a product, or engage in sex, or amass money, take a selfie or whatever action we take to make ourselves feel better. The true path is found through surrendering to something greater than the rational mind, going inside to complete ourselves through the development of humility, truth, and authentic power.

Forgiveness is an aspect of an authentically empowered person. It is not a moral issue. It is an energy dynamic. Forgiveness means you no longer hold others responsible for your experiences and your suffering. You forgive yourself for believing that you were ever at the effect of another person’s actions. If you do not take accountability for your experience you’ll hold someone else accountable, if you are not satisfied with your experience, you’ll seek to change it by manipulating that person. Complaining is victim consciousness, a dynamic of wanting someone else to be responsible for your experience and to fix things for you.

When you complain rather than share, that is what becomes negative. When you complain that is the reality you create. Complainers are crap magnets. Complainers are looking for someone or some situation to blame for their lot in life. The truth is we create all the drama internally and project it out onto the world stage of our own film.

It is how you cast the sharing or shape it, the intention with which you share. Before speaking, ask yourself, “What is my intention in sharing this? Do I have an agenda? Am I looking for a particular response?” You accept responsibility for your experience when you share your experience in the spirit of companionship, that is real forgiveness.

Just reporting the details of your life without ascribing meaning to the events is true accountability. When you hold someone else responsible for your experience, you lose power. When you depend upon another for what you think you need to sustain your well-being, you live in the fear that they will not deliver. The belief that someone else is responsible for what you experience, is based on the idea that forgiveness is something that one person does for another. How can you forgive another person for the fact you chose to step out of your power and create a drama.