True feeling and compassion comes through unprejudiced observation and objectivity. This is not a scientific precept. It is a deep respect for the facts of the moment, the details of suffering whether of one’s own or another’s. A truly spiritual person brings this healing objectivity to every moment, with an understanding that there is a unique and different path into every man’s heart.

Through the ego there plays a divine will driving every action we take. We must be able to accept sickness and corruption in others in order to accept it and heal it in ourselves. We cannot change anything unless we accept it. We love where we are and then everything changes. Hate where Devine will has placed you and you will be there forever. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses. You are the oppressor of the person you condemn, whether self or others. This is very simple and simple things in life are the most powerful.

Acceptance of one’s self is the essence of the moral issue, and the acid test of one’s whole outlook on life. The most impudent of all offenders, these are within. I myself stand in the need of my own kindness. What if I am the enemy?

A primary concept that psychologist Carl Jung saw was that to understand the evil in oneself one had to wake up to the shadow side, the evil within, without being an enemy to it. You must accept your own shadow, the dark side.

One cannot become whole while being internally divided against one’s self. Of which, virtue signaling is a glaring symptom. Trying to heal this insanity from which our culture in particular suffers, trying to heal the conflict between an absolute good and an absolute evil, this cannot be reduced to any prior or underlying unity. Our rage against evil things in this world must not overstep itself. If we require as a justification for our rage a fundamental and metaphysical split between good and evil we are left with an insane and in a sense a schizophrenic universe. No sense can be made of this.

All conflict, all opposition has its resolution in an underlying unity. One cannot understand the meaning of “to be” unless you understand the meaning of “not to be”. One cannot understand the meaning of good unless one understands the meaning of evil. It is suffering and evil that makes possible the recognition of virtue.

The question is how does one reconcile one’s self with his own nature? How can one live with his own ego? How does one live with the enemy in his own heart? This is the source of egoism, which is the source of the neurotic state. Freedom from this neurosis requires the recognition that the will of the ego, is the true will of God. We cannot take away a person’s suffering, as it is the motivating force, the director towards the inner journey and that is why we need our suffering more than food and money.

The ego may drive one into complete isolation, which can be of great value, for in this isolation alone may a man get to know himself and learn what a treasure is the love of his fellow beings. It is in the state of complete abandonment and loneliness that we experience the direct healing powers of our own nature.