It is a challenge to convey in words experiences of spiritual illumination. Words are only a bridge. In all of our classes, we strive to set the stage, so that you to receive the true feeling, the possibility of this experience of expanded consciousness, the spirit of it.

We want the truth to rise up so you see it from within. Even that inner perception lasts for only a fraction of a time. We want you to connect with and grasp your inner light. After that initiation, over time, un­derstanding grows of itself. Every class and meeting is set to help you to receive the spirit of what I perceived many years ago when I entered this physical plain. When I say “perceived,” I do not mean that I saw anything with the physical eye or clairvoyantly; it was something far higher than that. What I received was the open­ing up of the whole principle of justice within the physical plain and the universe. I had a complete perception and recognition of justice far beyond anything that I can describe in mere words.

It was the true vision that sees beyond the surface appearances that opened up to me. I saw that every bit of pain that had ever been suffered by any human or creature has been the “catalyst,” the driving force that has kept everything in motion in order to evolve humans, as self-conscious centers for God’s own Being, an impulse not from something without, it was a force, something within God.

I saw very clearly that, just as we practice sometimes painful exercises if we wish to be­come ballet dancers or prize fighters, just as we put ourselves through deliberate pain in order to develop any ability.  Pain is just a sensation, we give it meaning. Pain is neither something that an unjust God or something external inflicts on any other body. Pain happens inside the One Universe, inside the One God. There is nothing outside of God. Just as we may decide to put ourselves through a discipline that could be very painful, so does God. We do it; can we say that God is less than we?

This is one of the points involved. It is within the substance of God and the experience of God that pain occurs; it is not external! We are all aspects within God. God never created anything external to Itself to suffer pain. God apparently had a good reason for the pain.

I saw that God seems to put great significance on the ultimate results of this deliberate self-compression, self-pain, forcing into manifestation a portion of the primeval sub­stance of Itself. God is working toward a special development.

God apparently expands Its own capacities of creativeness through this procedure. This is as much a wonder and joy to the Higher-Self, our true contact with God, as is the discipline that one follows to become a musician. The repetitive playing of the piano, the compulsion to practice holds a certain joy. In this kind of discipline one looks forward to what practice is going to bring. The Higher-Self knows this truth. Although, while the compression and pain is going on, there is tremendous concentration, so that we are not consciously aware of that part of our being, nevertheless it is there. It exists. Think of all life as being involved in this process, even the little creatures. For they, too, are an evolving part of the Divine.

What do we mean when we say “evolving”? It is “Being” kept in motion; it is conscious­ness kept in motion, holding itself in a certain concentration that becomes what we call bodily incarnation. Between incarnations, there are other concentrations and pressures. All of these exercises develop the muscles of consciousness.

This is a brief version of my experience. I could write a book on what I perceived and still not be able to tell it all. These Fourth-Dimensional-Awareness’s carry so many implications that all one can do is to try to give the highlights or the spirit of them.

Just think how much that concept answers for us. We realize that our pain is God’s pain, that there is no such thing as anyone inflicting pain on anyone else, as such, despite appearances. It makes us realize that every unhappy experience, whether it be physical, emotional, or mental, is part of the process of development that is necessary in bringing about our centers of self-consciousness, con­scious of our super-conscious powers and then able to use them.

When we realize that “evil” is not what it seems to be, that we see but a portion of the total process, we see that we must have enough faith to perceive the reasons for the process; this becomes clear to you as you evolve. We say to ourselves, “If the Divine finds it necessary to send portions of Itself on the journey of action and reaction in order to bring about the birth of self-conscious, beingness and individuality, of strength, it must be that this process has great value.”

The next aspect of the vision, a vital part of it, which I feel is of great importance to understand with our heart and mind is what forms the basis of our karmic re­actions. You cannot help creating karma. Understand that you are creating it now, in every moment. Whatever you did yesterday, is done; reaction has been set in motion. There is an equilibrium that must be established, and it automatically brings about this readjustment, in terms of understanding, of consciousness, of deepening the heart and soul. It is in the way that we teach ourselves to react to life today that we con­trol karma! I mean today! What you put off until tomorrow is not today. It is now; this minute. Today is not only what makes tomorrow’s karma, it is what mitigates it.

When you throw a ball against a wall it bounces back in accordance with the amount of force used to throw it. There is nothing keeping you, however, from running toward the ball and catching it half way back. It will hit your hand a little harder, granted, but that is not important. You modify the path of the ball’s rebound, and by analogy, you can meet karmic reaction and modify it. This is the secret of altering karmic repercussions and making them different from what they could have been.

A competent astrologer, given the necessary data, can predict quite accurately for the average person. The more highly evolved you become, however, the less able is any astrologer to prognosticate for you. Hence, as an advanced student, you should not permit anyone to pour suggestions into your mind through astrological readings which supposedly predict what will happen to you. This is falling into the trap of receiving suggestions and reactions from the mass mind level of average humanity. An astrologer may tell you how the energies are going to play upon the evolved person, but he cannot tell what the effects of these energies will be because the evolved person does not react like the average man; he runs half way toward the ball and catches it!

We are always subject to the forces of the universe, but how we react to their influence alters their effect. An aspect that would ordinarily be frustrating, bringing very unhappy results, can be made to express in exactly the opposite way by our reactions. This is the secret of karma. Emotional reaction is the secret of transmutation of karma, however, emotional reaction needs mental direction. You cannot have control without direction.

The most important point I wish to share in connection with karmic reactions in terms of what I saw, is that at the time I had this vision, I was in a continuous state of universal loving, which is one of the primary secrets of transmutation. I had been meditating, my heart was open.  I had had an experience through which I realized how important it is to train oneself to keep ones heart open, be love instead of seeking to bring it in from outside as we usually do. The greatest joy is being able to love one’s self. When in a state of love, one experiences one’s true nature, which is happy and free. The only real ecstasy in life is in being in love with the universe, whether you love a piece of sky, self, a piece of music, a creature or a person. It is all one.  It is only when you are in that state, radiating universal love, that you are happy and need nothing else to complete you!