We are not our bodies our emotions or our minds or any of the structures and restrictions we experience around us. We are an infinite part of the god force using the physical form to experience spiritual development through a special teaching called “daily life.”

When you entered the Earth plane, the energy that is really you, left its house in the higher dimensions of pure light and entered, by choice, the body you are now in. You chose the circumstances of this life because it was the next step in your infinite evolution, and because this life would allow you to expand what you are spiritually so that you can become an even greater expression of the infinite life force or living spirit.

Now, you may say: “that’s crazy. Why would I choose the circumstances of my life, this family, this society, in this neighborhood? Why did I not choose a more affluent environment or a prettier body, or more intellectual capacity?” The answer lies in a dimension beyond the physical plane. As you entered this dimension through birth, you had within your consciousness a heroic mission, a goal. The nature of that goal is firmly written in the deepest recesses of the inner you, and what you are today, no matter what you feel about yourself, is actually a part of that goal in various stages of completion.

Your mind began recording events, thoughts, and feelings only at birth. It does not know of your heroic mission nor does it understand the universal law that interacts with your limitless potential. Why? Two reasons: firstly, if your mind, feelings, and emotions knew the nature of your heroic goal in life there would be no challenge or quest and your evolution would suffer. Secondly, most understanding of metaphysics is based on tribal or religious beliefs which do not totally reflect an accurate perception of the delicacy of energy in the way its ebb and flow affect daily life, no real understanding of the universal law has ever been incorporated into the various belief patterns of the world’s collective unconscious.

For example, let us say that your heroic goal in life is to learn to love yourself and to accept full cosmic responsibility for what you are. And let us say, you have had a number of previous experiences on the Earth plane in which you were weak and indulged yourself metaphysically by leaning on others rather than contributing to your own energy or support. If you knew this in advance, you would begin to favor one course of action over another. You would intellectualize yourself into positions or feelings that you wanted to achieve and your mind would dominate your every move. Evolution does not work that way. You cannot overcome weakness by fighting it or thinking your way out of it. You overcome weakness by leaving it behind you.