It is the destiny of each of us to become masters of our fate. This teaching is aimed at helping you along the path toward this achievement. It is in the usage of symbols, images and metaphors in Level Three work with Quantum Access™ and the Movement Diagnostics that we learn to face and penetrate the myths, the patterns that hold us in bondage to what are often called the forces of the universal principles. It is also through the usage of symbols that we become a “master of the stars” by transmuting our responses to these forces that affect unconsciously every day of our lives.

You have heard the following quoted from the scriptures: “I, if I be lifted up shall lift all others unto myself.” It is our obligation to become masters of our nature, not only for ourselves, but for all of humanity and for all of life. We are one being marching together into the Infinite and from the Infinite, whether we be a so-called God or angel, animal, man, tree, flower or stone.

What is this universe that we see surrounding us? Many prominent astronomers have said that the more one studies the heavens, the more evident it becomes that it seems to function like one great consciousness at work. This is true. The physicists studying the most infinitesimal matter, which is the universe in its smaller aspects, have arrived at the same conclusion. Why? Because with their telescopes the astronomers look out into the vastness of space and what they behold are nebulae upon nebulae. What are these nebulae? Actually, they are untold numbers of universes in the heavens.

Our particular little universe is called the Milky Way. As we study the heavens we discover there is an exact pattern that follows through and through on every level. It is called the whirling spiral nebulae. There are vast distances between these nebulae. They are usually called island universes.

We will have all we can do to understand our own planetary system in an effort to understand ourselves better.

Whatever this universe is that we are talking about, we are talking about the Divine Creator. We are talking about a Vast, Wondrous Consciousness. We are talking about the evolving consciousness which is apparent everywhere. And we are talking about you and me. When you ask yourself what you are or who you are, at this point perhaps all you can really say is, “I am something that is aware. I think. I have consciousness.” However, you really are a cell in the consciousness of God. Your consciousness is.

Let us drill down to our own consciousness on a rational basis. Although the following has not been completely proven by materialistic science, even materialistic scientists are pointing in this direction. Let us move inward from the vastness of our own island universe and try to see what our part is in this miraculous whole.

Each of us is truly a center of the universe. Think, “I am a center of consciousness and in my center of consciousness I can go out and expand in my imagination into a circle around me, out and out and out.”

This is what makes each one of us so precious, so important. It is part of what makes it so vital for you to become aware of who and what you are. Always there have been wise ones in all ages who have known this. In this period there are far, far more.

It is only very recently that modern science has discovered that the universe is composed of just that; Limitless Light. This Limitless Light is called the Consciousness of God by those in the Ancient Mystery Schools. Wherever we look, if we see light we are looking upon the Consciousness of God.

Part of our work is to train ourselves to see everything as points of light. To expand our consciousness we must learn to perceive Infinity as it actually is. Though we cannot know this consciousness in its entirety, we can know its manifestations.

The Ancient Mystery School teaches that from this Limitless Light, the One, the Universal, a self-contemplation starts. Remember, whatever is true of this Infinite Self-Contemplation is true of you and me. Whatever you start is due to your self-contemplation. When you get up in the morning you look into yourself and start contemplating. You might say, “What shall I do first? What next?” We are part of God’s Consciousness with all the powers of that Consciousness, not yet fully realized or developed, but ever growing into our own self-knowing and our own kingship.

In Its Self-Contemplation, the Universal Self focuses on a portion of Itself. This begins what is called the Beginning of the Whirlings. Astronomy says that the nebulae are formed from the whirling of a nucleus that whirls out gases which condense and compress into the flaming suns. Thus, planets are formed from the whirlings and condensations of the suns. All this starts as a motion in God’s consciousness selecting an area of Its Being for self expression.

Apparently the Universal Self desires to express Itself in ever more varied ways. Apparently also, the universe comes into being through the desire of God. This desire of God is called by the Ancient ones the need of God to bring about the self-procreation of aspects of Itself. And the basis of this is Love.

We must start seeing ourselves and knowing ourselves as active, self-participating, conscious co-creators with God. Only so will we attain our destiny and will we overcome what are called the adverse influences of the stars.

Scientists have mathematically ascertained that for even one heavy molecule to create itself is an impossibility? It must have a creator, because it is organized. Many of you will ask, “Why do I need these scientific aspects? I know that God has already created the universe.” However, you do not know it until you have directly experienced your connection with it as a self-conscious unit of the Creative Spirit. You know it now only as a belief. You must know it as a direct experience.

A machine of any kind cannot create itself. It takes an intelligent builder to create it. In the same way, such a fantastic, orderly thing as the stars, the universal island system and the suns had to have a purposive mind to create them. Therefore, everything you look upon that has any kind of form must have had a purposive creator. It cannot have happened by itself. Whatever you look upon was created for a specific purpose by a purposive Creator, with a desire to teach.

Everything in the universe, including you and me, is made up of the same substance that the nebulae, the suns, are made of. We consist of atoms which, in a sense, could be called the smaller outer aspects of life in motion, or electromagnetic energy. Everything is composed of atoms.

The nebulae appear out of nowhere and they go into a purposive motion to create specific conditions and specific structures. They are, therefore, a field of activity, of electromagnetic activity, and that is what you and I are. In the scriptures it says that God created man in His image and likeness. Our organism is made up of the same substance that everything else is composed of. Because of this we are related to the most distant stars.

We are subject to the impact of all the energies of the universe. We emanate our atoms into space. It takes about ten months for us to emanate all the old atoms that we hold in our particular field, our physical bodies, and replace them with new ones. There are atoms in us that have come from the most distant star. We look into outer space and see what we think is a star. It took the light of that star a million years to get here, so we are made up of some atoms that existed a million years or more ago.

In these teachings you are shown how to align yourself consciously with these forces so that you can respond as you are destined to respond; so that you can stop being the slave of karmic events and currents. We are laying a foundation in an effort to show you just how the whole universe is based on an orderly progression for a purposeful reason. You will learn to see what your relationship is to this universe.

Some people interested in astrology have the idea that because they were born at a certain time of the year they reflect primarily the traits attributed to the zodiacal sign the sun was in at the time of their birth. This is not exactly correct. We are the entire zodiac, every one of us. We do have different highlights, astrologically, which make us more susceptible to various energies from certain areas of the cosmos, thus making us respond more intensively to particular aspects. Nevertheless, it is our job to become actively the whole zodiac and not just what our Sun sign or Ascendant indicates.

You are a miniature Cosmos. You can learn to relate yourself to the vast energies that pour into you and around you all of the time. It is up to you to learn how to respond on the higher vibrational levels — how to take in the new atoms that are related to your growth in evolution; how to emanate the atoms of the your primitive nature, which are part of your problems. It is time we all become the whole creature as our Creator intends. Through knowledge we can consciously become the whole zodiac and release ourselves from the fetters of slavery to the very forces that we are destined to rule.