View a downloadable infographic showing the body polarities here.

This information is meant to further illustrate the energy fields of the human body. The renderings and colored chart represent the general shapes and placement of individual Chakras. In the real world the shape and placement of the Chakras and fields vary from person to person and is a reflection of individual spiritual development.

The human energy system comprises seven major vortices of energy called Chakras or energy centers. These vortices of energy are distributed from the root Chakra between the legs and the crown Chakra at the top of the head. The Chakras were named thousands of years ago by adepts who could see the cloud like fields of energy that are visible surrounding each chakra. Actual physical position of the Chakras varies from individual to individual and as you see in the accompanying illustrations, location also varies with gender. There are more than forty additional minor Chakras of the human body, one located in the vicinity of every joint of the skeletal system. Each of the major Chakras has a male and female polarity.

The human body is part of a hyper-dimensional energy system that exists within and cannot be separated from space and time. Physicists reference this energy system when they talk about the “Holographic Paradigm.” This paradigm describes a space-time domain — all physical reality that we experience, is a hologram.

A primary component of this paradigm is the concept that the human brain is a holographic transducer, we are spiritual beings and that we are projected from another dimension (a hyper-dimension or hyper-dimensions) into space and time.

As spiritual beings everything in our reality is first created mentally, created from thought, projected outside onto the world around us and then perceived by us as a hologram within which we simultaneously exist. We know that a holographic photo plate contains the entire three-dimensional image of an object and that every part of the hologram (no mater how small) also contains the entire image. Likewise we are holographic beings. We exist within the universe and we also contain the entire universe within us.

As human beings we experience space and time through dualities, the polarized energies and the polar opposites. Without the experience of polarities, we would be unable to distinguish or differentiate ourselves from the surrounding world or perceive anything as separate from self. Polarized states create a tension and allow us to experience the full range, the gradations between, on and off, positive and negative, hot and cold, light and dark, etc. Polarized states are analogous to the “male”, cognitive, linear, or active components of our psyche. In the “Intensive Life Training” we also explore the “female” component of our psyche, an aspect not as often honored within our culture. It is also called, the affective, intuitive, receptive or feeling domain.

Every Chakra of the human body is a vortex or transducer of energy, a holographic interface with space-time and higher dimensions. Chakras are an interface through which energy flows in and out of the body — nourishing and being nourished by the Auric field of the human body. This holographic field extends out into the hyper-dimensional spiritual domain, into the universal and all that is. Some of the polarities of the human body are listed below, as you progress through the Intensive”
you will discover why these and other polarities are so.

There are several, “male—female” polarities associated with the body. The back side of the human body from head to toe constitutes a “male” energy. The front side of the human body from head to toe constitutes a “female” energy. The system may be easier to understand if you visualize the male energy as a vehicle or motive force, a force that actualizes and activates the female creative energy. The back side of the body is the supportive vehicle that moves the creative-receptive front side of the body through space–time.

The top half of the body is male—with the male energy centered in the mid-chest area just above the sternum. The “Heart Chakra” is located just behind the sternum and just below the “Mid-Chest Chakra”. The Heart Chakra is the center of unconditional love and this is where we are connected to everything in the universe.

The bottom half of the body is female—centered at the Second Chakra. The Second Chakra is located an inch or two below the navel. The Second Chakra is also the center of our mind, the center we move from and the center of our sexuality. The Third Chakra—located at the solar plexus is the emotional center and the center of our personal power. The whole-left side of the body from head to toe is female and the whole right side of the body from head to toe is male. These are just a few of the polarities that we cover in the various trainings.

Almost every native and ancient culture understood and expressed these conventions in a similar manner. This male-female relationship is somewhat understood in traditional psychological circles as left brain and right brain, cognitive-intuitive. Psychological tradition states that the left side of the body is controlled by the right brain considered to be the female—intuitive or feeling brain. The right side of the body is controlled by the left brain considered to be the male—linear or cognitive brain.

All polarities are explored experientially through movement therapy in the classes.