When you first learn the tools, you’ll tend to use them in a disorganized way. A problem will come up and, if you remember, you’ll try out a few tools. They’ll help you deal with the problem better than you ever have before — and that’s progress. But at some point you may decide you want to really change your life, to live it at a deeper level. This requires more discipline, a more organized way to use the tools. Used properly they can literally reshape your life force. To accomplish this you must obey the three “laws” of using tools.

DENSITY: Density refers to how often you use a tool in a given period — usually one day. The benefit from a tool is exponentially related to how often you use it. If I use, say Active Love, three times more a day than you do, I’ll get nine times the benefit. If I use it fives times more I’ll get twenty-five times the benefit. At first you may feel proud of using a tool three times a day — but really that’s low density. To get maximum benefit you must be ready to use a tool twenty times a day or more, depending on how strong “The Guardian” is that day. Your ego will object to this at first. Not only is the ego lazy, it resents the idea your mind needs such frequent fixing. The Guardian wants you to think you should be able to defeat it with occasional effort — hoping you’ll give up when you see how much commitment is required. Those who get the most out of the seminars won’t be the smartest ones. They’ll be the ones with the best work ethic.

DIFFICULTY: There’ll be times you won’t want to use the tools. The problem may seem too severe. You may be demoralized or exhausted. These are crucial opportunities. The more difficult it is to use a tool the more benefit you get from forcing yourself to use it — even if it doesn’t work immediately. It’s the equivalent of going to a gym and lifting a heavier set of weights than you do normally. Your strength increases proportionally. Train yourself to use the tools when you don’t want to.

CEASELESSNESS: Ceaselessness refers to the fact you’ll have to use the tools for the rest of your life. The ego has the belief that it has the power to solve a problem so that it won’t come back. That’s denial. The Guardian is with you for life it has to be. It’s your spiritual teacher. Confidence doesn’t come from the illusion your problems won’t return. It comes from the knowledge that, when they do, you’ll fight back immediately with the right tools.

To obey the three laws above there are two things necessary. First, practice the tools till you can do them quickly. If you can’t do them quickly you won’t use them often enough — eventually you’ll stop using them altogether. Someone who uses a tool for ten seconds, twenty times a day, gets infinitely more benefit than someone who uses the tool for ten minutes once each morning. Not only should you be able to do them in seconds, learn to do them with your eyes open — around other people. This is easier than it seems. Every time you read a novel you’re visualizing with your eyes open. Just don’t practice while driving.

Another thing to learn is when to use them. That’s called a “cue.” It’s an experience, usually a painful one, that tells you its time to use a tool. Say someone provokes you. The first instant you feel hate, that is a cue. Make your heart expand infinitely right at that moment. It’s the first step in Active Love. It should become a reflex. Cues let you see the most negative events as priceless opportunities to strengthen yourself. If you’re not sure of the right cues ask me.