Speaking the truth is healing, this confrontation is a beautiful thing. The trouble is that healing has one purpose. Confrontation can have another purpose: bullying, domination or punishment. Without dealing with things directly and honestly there really is no chance for healing. However, because of the abusive use of confrontation in our culture, we may think it is rude to speak frankly to someone about an issue that could be resolved through true communication. We make assumptions that are incorrect. We may think that people should be able to make changes without being told. I don’t know about anyone else, I need the guidance of my friends, to be told what is what from time to time.

People are afraid to be honest with others. They are afraid to hurt their feelings, so they never hear the truth.

Being afraid to confront difficulties creates the persistence of them. You don’t have to get in someone’s face either, just their ear. Be there for the tears or pain, without judging. Healing is sometimes frightening. However, the results are, oh, so beautiful.