This tool helps you control your impulses for immediate gratification. This may include food, drugs, sex, etc. we all have emotional habits that are gratifying in subtle ways and yet that weaken us. The most common examples are projecting our anger out on others or “spilling” our anxieties out on them.

Pick an impulse you struggle with (sugar craving, or yelling at your spouse). Think of this impulse as traveling out to the world through a “lower” channel that you can close off. Do this by associating the pain behind the projection (physical or emotional) with the impulse instead of pleasure or relief. Feel the impulse arise and immediately feel the pain. Feel the pain close the channel – it should feel like a door slamming shut. This will keep you from acting on your impulse. The energy is now “inverted” (held back inside you).

Now call out silently for help, right from your heart, which will feel vulnerable. Feel the immediate presence of helping figures around you. Think of them as spiritual guides if you’re comfortable with the concept. If you’re not, think of them as forces in your unconscious. There are many of them and they’re close by, feel them rubbing shoulders with you. Often they appear in white gowns or clothing, radiating a sense of goodness and purity.

Feel these guides lift you to a higher level. This is the level of the higher-self. Once there you’ll feel yourself moving out into the world as part of this large group dressed in white. Imagine that the purpose of this group is to be of service to the world. To create this feeling remember a time you actually were of service to another person or persons. Feel this desire to be of service emanate from your heart. Service gets you off yourself and beyond your personal desires. It opens the connection to the higher-self — it is energetically an out moving and expansive experience.

Although the sense of “service” opens the connection to the higher-self, this channel also gives you a selfish benefit. The energy you’ve “inverted” can emerge through this channel in a higher form — a form that’s more purposeful. You’re not just restraining a harmful impulse, you’re transmuting and redirecting the energy and rather than destructive, it becomes creative power. That’s why it’s called “dynamic” inversion.

Learn to feel the pain of the impending projection and then instead summon the guides at the same time. Do this the moment you feel the impulse to gratify yourself. Feel immediately pulled up into the higher, service mode. Now repeat the tool by jumping quickly from pain of projection to service. As a finale, practice feeling the pain of projection and service at the same time. This combination dissolves any impulse.