There is an extreme group today, a large percentage of the population that suffers from annihilation anxiety. Their entire existence is predicated on others victimization and suffering. There is a moral sadism associated with that. The truth is, my emancipation from my suffering and victimhood rests in my hands, and I will not allow you to expropriate my creative agency, on behalf of my life. If the purpose and meaning of your existence relies on emancipating me from my suffering and my victimization, then I basically eradicate your purpose and meaning from your life.

I see this sadistic hypocrisy with people who want to do energy healing all the time. They project their own limitations on everyone and everything around them. Rather than deal with their own suffering, they perpetuate the myth of other people suffering, just so they have a mechanism to validate themselves and create meaning and value in their life.

If your purpose and meaning in life rests on relieving other people’s suffering, and I say no. I’m sorry my creative agency lies in my hands. I really don’t need you. I can cultivate certain character traits. I can cultivate excellence in my character. I can sort out my own limiting mythology. I don’t need you to expropriate my agency. I can take care of myself. I can actualize myself. Then basically I have annihilated your reason for existence, by taking away the purpose and meaning of your life. Which means I have exposed a sort of cultural hypocrisy. If your existence is predicated on your relieving my suffering, the truth is, you need a victim class to sustain yourself and you need to victimize me and keep me down. You need me to suffer indefinitely. And that’s a really really unpleasant thing.

I saw this hypocrisy in Hollywood elites that I worked with, for years, over and over. For far too long they have claimed to be the nation’s moral compass. And yet, they are driven by self-loathing and guilt, because, they make massive amounts of money for doing very little, while living in a fantasy world. They have an obsessive compulsion, a need to hobble others, including helicopter parenting their children, by doing everything for them and taking their power away, while seemingly elevating themselves. This is abuse!

When you take accountability for your life you really don’t need anyone who is codependent to help you with your life, you just need them to stay out of the way. Just don’t place any obstructions in my path. Please do not block my efforts to enhance my life. I don’t have a victim story. I’m not a victim. I never will be a victim. Because, I do not configure my life in such a way that I will be a victim, or where a victim identity constitutes part of my literal identity.

There might be cases where I’m a victim of local circumstances, where I am robbed, or subject to local injustices. There might be in a local sense, an event where I’m a real victim that doesn’t mean that that becomes a constituting feature of my identity. It means I saw the problem and I moved on and I moved outside the realm of that particular victim status, and now I inhabit my larger humanity.

Today we’re seeing ever-expanding classes of professional victims, they garner group power through intersectional identity politics, movements that are quite insidious and whose members hold a constellation of victim identities, and they have assumed a position of complete infallibility on their part.

Detached from the history of the world and the self-determinism and passion that built our infrastructure and our country, these professional victims, with little understanding of morals and ethics and of how we got to where we are as a culture, exhibit an arrogance, a certain nihilism, as they feel that their doctrine and position are the correct one. We are in a time where these entitled and childish groups bring little creative impulse to the world other than legislating various forms of victimhood. Fasten your seatbelts, as our culture is in for a very interesting ride.