This is a basic overview of the human body and its polarity based on what I’ve learned from Dr. Karl Wolfe.

For Karl’s original article on this topic, see here.

Our body operates in 3D via polarity. This means that movement happens in time and space through the relationship of opposites.

Tense, release. Open, close. Up, down. Left, right. Hard, soft. Negative, positive. Male, female. Etc.

In traditional Chinese philosophy, these are referred to as “yin and yang”. In modern times, we often say “male-female”, “masculine-feminine” in the West. This wasn’t a theory invented from ego, it was based on nature.

Our nervous system itself is set up this way as we see the two hemispheres of the brain. We have the ‘linear, logical’ side (left), and the ‘non-linear, creative’ side (right). The fascinating thing about that is we are contralateral: meaning that the hemispheres control the OPPOSITE side of the body. So the right hemisphere manifests on the left side, and the left brain manifests on the right.

In the human body, this polarity appears as top(m)-bottom(f), right(m)-left(f), and back(m)-front(f).

How we relate to these corresponding aspects of masculine and feminine in our minds, manifest in the physical body.

  • Our relationship with the feminine, our mother, and the intuitive/creative realms show on the yin sides.
  • Our relationship with the masculine, our father, and the logical/linear realms show on the yang sides.

Understanding this allows us to see how these stories and relationships manifest in our lives, through how they are expressed through our bodies.

These unconscious patterns run our lives, business, and relationships at the deepest levels, and arise from core mythological archetypes of consciousness. Being able to see these dynamics allows you to penetrate the patterns and make new choices of how to move and manage energy.

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