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This is our community bulletin board where we’ll be posting any major announcements.

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Schedule of Upcoming Community Offerings

This is our community bulletin board where our members share the classes and events they are organizing based on Karl Wolfe’s teachings. These are provided as a resource for the community to explore Karl’s teachings through the lens of his former students.

Notice: These are provided for convenience only. They are NOT ENDORSED and NOT OFFICIAL offerings of, nor are they officially accredited in any way by Karl himself.

Joan’s Movement Feedback Classes
Facilitator: Joan Yue
Dates: (EST) Mon 12-1 pm, Tues 9-10 PM,
Thurs 12-1, Sat 10:30-11:30, Sun 7-8 pm
Cost: $18/class, Silver $80/m – 9 classes,
Gold $120/m – 20 classes

Money Is Love
Facilitator: Joan Yue
Dates: 2020-01-11
Cost: $40/class, $200 3 month pass with 6 classes

San Diego Slackline
Facilitator: Joan & Cheryl
Dates: 2020-09-12/13
Cost: $500

Mary & Alan’s Peer 2 Peer
Facilitator: Dr. Mary & Alan
Dates: Weds @ 8:30-10:30 p.m. EST/ 5:30-7:30 p.m. PST
Cost: $20/class, $60/month
Zoom: 415 018 1884

Behind The Veil – Dream Group
Facilitator: Kristina Hoffmann
Dates: TBD
Cost: $57

Dream Time Movement
Facilitator: Ghita Belhaj
Dates: 2020-01-26 / 4PM CET for 3hrs
Cost: 60€
Zoom: 770 376 1595

Arizona Slackline 2021
Facilitator: Dr. Mary Mercer & Aaron Sparks Bugaj
Dates: February 20-21, 2021
Save the date for 2021.  Registration will open in a couple months.

West Virginia Retreat
Facilitator: The Group
Dates: June 20-28, 2020
Cost: $3,741.70

Retreat With Ritza
Facilitator: Ghita Belhaj
Dates: October 2020
Cost: 3.600€ – 4.500€

Sunday Movement With Vitaliy
Facilitator: Vitaliy Landa
Dates: Sundays at 9 am PST
Cost: Free
Zoom: 7997859034 – Password: 376451