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Karl is an acknowledged contributor to the world wide movement towards self-awareness and higher consciousness. He combines the objectivity of a trained scientist with a mystic’s passionate search for deeper understanding. His work is an integration of his life as a scientist, mystic, and a modern-day shaman; in an age of high technology and super-science. For more than 25 years, his insights have guided hundreds of professionals; dramatically improving the quality of their lives.

Quantum Access & Super-Sensory Powers


It is a challenge to convey in words experiences of spiritual illumination. Words are only a bridge. In all of our classes, we strive to set the stage, so that you to receive the true feeling, the possibility of this experience of expanded consciousness, the spirit of it. We want the truth to rise up so you see it from within. Even that inner perception lasts for only a fraction of a time. We want you to connect with and grasp your inner light. After that initiation, over time, un­derstanding [...]

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Our Destiny


It is the destiny of each of us to become masters of our fate. This teaching is aimed at helping you along the path toward this achievement. It is in the usage of symbols, images and metaphors in Level Three work with Quantum Access™ and the Movement Diagnostics that we learn to face and penetrate the myths, the patterns that hold us in bondage to what are often called the forces of the universal principles. It is also through the usage of symbols that we become a "master of the [...]

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Listening And Agenda Anxiety


"Agenda anxiety"—is the feeling that what we want to say to others is more important than what they might want to say to us. Sometimes we try to impress rather than express, not realizing that two monologues do not make a dialogue. If you find that you have a need to say something, let it go and listen to the other person instead. True communication requires doing nothing. Listen without judging or needing to respond. Holding on to the need to say something blocks receiving the other persons communication. Truly [...]

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Life of Pi


Rex has been a client and good friend for more than 15 years. He is the person that said; “There was before Karl and after Karl, no money and then money and success.” I received this note from Rex about ten years ago. His life has been a joy to watch as it has unfolded over the years. "Today I'm going to take the subway to work." Was my first thought this morning, "Let's save some gas." I made my bed, because as Karl Wolfe says, "Your day doesn't start [...]

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It Takes A Moment


It takes an instant of awareness to stop, and in that moment to recognize the peace that is already alive within you, you then have the choice to trust in all your endeavors, in all your relationships, in every circumstance of your life. Your willingness to remain present and follow the process through to completion is your willingness to be present for your own process. The level of presence you bring to others is how present you are for yourself. There is no one out there. We are all part [...]

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More than anything else human beings want their lives to be significant. Just notice the fascination, the isolation from reality engendered by selfies, in the burgeoning phenomenon of social media. The unbearable truth is that the lives of most people who ever lived are insignificant; those of many people who live today threaten to become so. "I feel so insignificant," said the ant with Woody Allen's voice in the movie Antz. "That's a breakthrough," said the ant psychiatrist. "You are insignificant." Paranoia inverts this horrifying sense of insignificance. To the [...]


I Create My Reality-There Are No Victims


I Create my Reality. I take action in spite of fear. I Create my Reality. I am willing to defer immediate gratification. I Create my Reality. I am willing to do whatever it takes. I Create my Reality. I take action in spite of inconvenience. I Create my Reality. I do everything at 100%. I Create my Reality. I am willing to do what's “hard.” I Create my Reality. I take action in spite of discomfort. I Create my Reality. I act in spite of my mood. I Create my [...]

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How To Use The Tools


When you first learn the tools, you’ll tend to use them in a disorganized way. A problem will come up and, if you remember, you’ll try out a few tools. They’ll help you deal with the problem better than you ever have before — and that’s progress. But at some point you may decide you want to really change your life, to live it at a deeper level. This requires more discipline, a more organized way to use the tools. Used properly they can literally reshape your life force. To [...]

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Speaking the truth is healing, this confrontation is a beautiful thing. The trouble is that healing has one purpose. Confrontation can have another purpose: bullying, domination or punishment. Without dealing with things directly and honestly there really is no chance for healing. However, because of the abusive use of confrontation in our culture, we may think it is rude to speak frankly to someone about an issue that could be resolved through true communication. We make assumptions that are incorrect. We may think that people should be able to make changes [...]


The Evil Within


True feeling and compassion comes through unprejudiced observation and objectivity. This is not a scientific precept. It is a deep respect for the facts of the moment, the details of suffering whether of one's own or another's. A truly spiritual person brings this healing objectivity to every moment, with an understanding that there is a unique and different path into every man's heart. Through the ego there plays a divine will driving every action we take. We must be able to accept sickness and corruption in others in order to [...]

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