About karlwolfe.org

Karl brought us all together and there’s no other group out there like us! The vision is not merely posting Karl’s work, but to create a hub where we can all drop-in and reconnect with each other. Whether you’ve known Karl for 50 years, have just discovered his work, or are anywhere in between—we’d love for you to join us once again.

This site is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of his spiritual and transformational work for the benefit of mankind. While much of his work in video is legally prevented from being posted online, we see this site as the foundation of a much bigger vision for sharing Karl’s work.

This project was only made possible by the blessing of Karl’s niece “Kris” who inherited the estate. After a year of legal processing of Dr. Wolfe’s estate, we were finally allowed to create this website and newsletter platform. There is the complete collection of Karl’s work stored safely in our archives, with thousands of hours of footage to process. This, however, requires large financial resources and time to deploy. In the meantime, please enjoy Karl’s public domain articles and group collaboration.

Andrew Daniel, Founder

Andrew Daniel worked with Dr. Wolfe, eventually becoming CTO—architecting and deploying the entire website, technology, and marketing systems of Karl’s business. Apprenticing under Karl, he assisted and facilitated for 3 years at seminars, slacklines, the final retreat and Life Intensive & Advanced Intensive in 2018. Entrusted with the preservation of Karl’s legacy, he founded karlwolfe.org. As a direct lineage of Karl’s teachings, Andrew runs events at: https://andrewdaniel.org