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Life of Pi


Rex has been a client and good friend for more than 15 years. He is the person that said; “There was before Karl and after Karl, no money and then money and success.” I received this note from Rex about ten years ago. His life has been a joy to watch as it has unfolded over the years. "Today I'm going to take the subway to work." Was my first thought this morning, "Let's save some gas." I made my bed, because as Karl Wolfe says, "Your day doesn't start [...]

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It Takes A Moment


It takes an instant of awareness to stop, and in that moment to recognize the peace that is already alive within you, you then have the choice to trust in all your endeavors, in all your relationships, in every circumstance of your life. Your willingness to remain present and follow the process through to completion is your willingness to be present for your own process. The level of presence you bring to others is how present you are for yourself. There is no one out there. We are all part [...]

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More than anything else human beings want their lives to be significant. Just notice the fascination, the isolation from reality engendered by selfies, in the burgeoning phenomenon of social media. The unbearable truth is that the lives of most people who ever lived are insignificant; those of many people who live today threaten to become so. "I feel so insignificant," said the ant with Woody Allen's voice in the movie Antz. "That's a breakthrough," said the ant psychiatrist. "You are insignificant." Paranoia inverts this horrifying sense of insignificance. To the [...]


I Create My Reality-There Are No Victims


I Create my Reality. I take action in spite of fear. I Create my Reality. I am willing to defer immediate gratification. I Create my Reality. I am willing to do whatever it takes. I Create my Reality. I take action in spite of inconvenience. I Create my Reality. I do everything at 100%. I Create my Reality. I am willing to do what's “hard.” I Create my Reality. I take action in spite of discomfort. I Create my Reality. I act in spite of my mood. I Create my [...]

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How To Use The Tools


When you first learn the tools, you’ll tend to use them in a disorganized way. A problem will come up and, if you remember, you’ll try out a few tools. They’ll help you deal with the problem better than you ever have before — and that’s progress. But at some point you may decide you want to really change your life, to live it at a deeper level. This requires more discipline, a more organized way to use the tools. Used properly they can literally reshape your life force. To [...]

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