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Speaking the truth is healing, this confrontation is a beautiful thing. The trouble is that healing has one purpose. Confrontation can have another purpose: bullying, domination or punishment. Without dealing with things directly and honestly there really is no chance for healing. However, because of the abusive use of confrontation in our culture, we may think it is rude to speak frankly to someone about an issue that could be resolved through true communication. We make assumptions that are incorrect. We may think that people should be able to make changes [...]


The Evil Within


True feeling and compassion comes through unprejudiced observation and objectivity. This is not a scientific precept. It is a deep respect for the facts of the moment, the details of suffering whether of one's own or another's. A truly spiritual person brings this healing objectivity to every moment, with an understanding that there is a unique and different path into every man's heart. Through the ego there plays a divine will driving every action we take. We must be able to accept sickness and corruption in others in order to [...]

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Annihilation Anxiety


There is an extreme group today, a large percentage of the population that suffers from annihilation anxiety. Their entire existence is predicated on others victimization and suffering. There is a moral sadism associated with that. The truth is, my emancipation from my suffering and victimhood rests in my hands, and I will not allow you to expropriate my creative agency, on behalf of my life. If the purpose and meaning of your existence relies on emancipating me from my suffering and my victimization, then I basically eradicate your purpose and [...]

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Hatred And Misunderstanding


Hatred and misunderstanding occurs when someone attacks you in a severe and undeserved manner. For most of us, it’s one of the most painful emotional experiences we encounter. Not only are you the subject of a very personal kind of venom, the accusations are not true (hence the “misunderstanding”). Most of us avoid any kind of conflict so we don’t have to feel hatred and misunderstanding—however that takes away from your authentic power. This tool lets you turn hatred and misunderstanding into a strengthening experience. Focus on the attacker. If [...]

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