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Eternal Consciousness


When self-consciousness binds us to the illusion of space and time then we are doomed to repeat the karmic cycles of cosmic manifestation. Pain and suffering become the way of life. Subconsciousness is the agency through which egoic personality is transformed. The active agency or power at work is the transmuting force of the fire of spirit. Fire has the power to burn away the old and transform objects from one nature to another. Through this transmuting nature, the power of spirit, one manifests the conscious awareness that human life [...]

Eternal Consciousness2019-04-27T10:41:47+01:00

Envy, Gossip, And Impotent Rage


Today’s pop culture, the likes and selfies of social media breed a culture cut off from life that leads to unmitigated narcissism and envy. Gossiping is a sure sign you are asleep and part of a powerful self-destructive myth, named by Freud “Destrudo,” a misdirection of the libido and creative force. This is a powerful self-annihilating aspect bourn of the drama concomitant with the consensus trance. Those who gossip, are envious, jealous and caught in highly configured narcissism and impotent rage. Those who gossip are leaky containers and cannot be [...]

Envy, Gossip, And Impotent Rage2019-04-20T10:26:09+01:00
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