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We Do Not See Things as They Are


On a fall afternoon — I was five or six – I walked along one of the tree covered lanes on our farm. On the left along the dirt path large, curled, dried, brown leaves of the May apples, on the right, the moss covered bed of a trickling stream. The fresh smell of the earth. The crispness of the air. The cool touch of a snow flake burst into awareness as it fell on my cheek, and in the distant charcoal-grey sky, billowing black clouds of an approaching storm. I [...]

We Do Not See Things as They Are2018-08-25T04:38:14+01:00

Guilt & Punishment


When you feel guilt, an important characteristic of this feeling is that you should be punished. You should be punished because of the things you have done, or the wrong person you believe you are. Once you believe guilt is real, then you believe that you will soon be punished for the guilt, or the act you believe you are guilty of. Guilt always demands punishment, and since you fear punishment, this is the origin of fear. Despite the seeming cause of fear in the world, the ultimate cause of [...]

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The Greatest Fear


You can only continue a round of self-betraying behavior, if you think you're going to get something different from that next cycle. All addictions are self-betrayal. Defining yourself as an object is self-betrayal. The greatest fear is not defining yourself at all. When you get close to not defining yourself in any manner, the greatest fear is that you will not exist. It is a strong, deep, fear that all the conditioning is attached to, if you stop, then you will not exist! And it is true, if you stop [...]

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What is the Super-Ego?


What was your first experience after looking at the Tarot card to the left? When I first looked at the card, the Devil, I was horrified by what I perceived as something negative and evil. I said, "get that thing away from me." It was three years before I understood what I saw in the card were shadow aspects of my personality, my disowned self, mirrored back from the card. The disowned-self represents those parts that for one reason or another are not acceptable to the super-ego and our waking [...]

What is the Super-Ego?2018-08-04T04:05:57+01:00
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