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Introduction to Dream Analysis


According to the 3rd century Chinese philosopher Chuang-Tzu, who one night: "I Dreamed I was a butterfly, fluttering hither and thither, content with my lot. Suddenly I awoke and I was Chuang-Tzu again. Who am I in reality? A butterfly dreaming that I am Chuang-Tzu, or Chuang-Tzu imagining he was a butterfly?" As we move into a most significant time in history, there is an invitation to be of service as an agent of change in the world. The paradox is that change requires doing nothing. There is no need to [...]

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You Are More Than Personality


If you are indulging in who you are not, you cannot be truly who you are. Personality involves “my thoughts,” “my feelings,” and “my behavior” the three areas within which people identify themselves. These combined are the foundation of the self-concept, a false-self and the root cause for much of the pain and suffering in life. The intention of most traditional therapy is to give you a more functional self-concept, to put a fresh coat of paint on the old myths. The outcome, a better version of the same old [...]

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Withdrawing From Life


The movement and diagnostic exercises, place you in the present moment, in direct sensation, and out of your preoccupation with the future or the past. Through movement people make the next big shift in a few hours. Movement and Quantum Access™, are a few of the many tools we use to get folks feeling again. With these tools, we look at what you perceive as your problems and impediments to moving forward, both on a personal and professional level. Generosity is not solely based on one's economic status, this includes [...]

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Wisdom And Understanding


Our physical presence and the extension of this presence through the hand connects (wisdom, in our mind-space) and (understanding, in the world), all systems, whether it be the alphabet, numbers, geometry or language, that represent a process of projection from one state or dimension into another. Whether it is a seed becoming a fruit with new seed - a generational life-cycle, or our mind's projection towards the transcendent in meditation, or the projection of space and time from space-time, the underlying geometric model is the same. All movement and action [...]

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