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Tweaks To Your Morning Routine


Dr. Travis Bradberry  Aug 16, 2015 These Tweaks To Your Morning Routine Will Make Your Entire Day More Productive I don’t know anyone who couldn’t use a little boost in their energy and self control. Researchers at the University of Nottingham recently published findings from their exploration of 83 separate studies on energy and self control. What they found will change the way you start your day. The researchers found that self control and energy are not only intricately linked but also finite, daily resources that tire much like a [...]

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Theater Of Fantasist


Until we awaken to our true nature and our true self, much of how we interface with reality and the world is an unconscious fantasy projected from within, a survival strategy orchestrated by a fractured psyche. There is an extreme of this projection, a compensatory personality type; the “fantasist.” Hollywood; all levels of the film industry and the political arena are a natural home and a magnet for this personality type. They attract those caught in this illusion from all over the world. The fantasist is an inadequate personality fixation [...]

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The Truth Is Beyond Desire


When the mind's activity is stilled, not obsessing on what object or experience is needed to find happiness, you are at peace. We were born free and happy, the experience of which requires no practice. The neurotic trappings of suffering require ongoing practice. The paradox is, that you can only find what you’re looking for when there is no doing. This cannot be believed by the ego, so you’re given lots of things to do. What you are given to do is designed to wear down your desire for doing. [...]

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The Substance Of Wealth


The spiritual substance from which comes all visible wealth is never depleted. It is with you all the time and responds to your faith in it and your requests. It is unaffected by our idle talk of hard times, though we are affected because our thoughts and words govern our demonstration. The unfailing resource is always ready to give. It has no choice in the matter; it must give, for that is its nature. Pour your living words of faith into the omnipresent substance, and you will be prospered; though [...]

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