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The Story Is Not The Enemy


The story, your personal myths are an ally. It is a signal to look deeper. As human beings we love stories. We communicate with stories. We pass on our teachings with stories. Stories are deeply valuable to us. However, until we are willing to disengage from our stories, and simply observe them as they play through us, at least briefly, we are actually tyrannized by them. Here lies your true power. If you are willing to dis-identify with your story for a minute, or an hour, or an afternoon, then [...]

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The Myth Of Competition


The hype of the media and the church of commercialism of our popular culture is spinning a massive myth that says you are not okay the way you came into this world! The lie of this myth greases the wheels of the advertising machinery. Products are shrouded in an invisible wrapper that screams “buy me” and you will gain acceptance in the world. The truth is; that if the thing that you aim for is prestige, celebrity, visibility, or a gold medal, it is personality that is motivating the competition. [...]

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The Pain of Self-Betrayal


If you are willing to face the shame and embarrassment, the pain of your own self-betrayal, that pain is a divine fire that burns away all illusions and reveals the power of your own choice to suffer. All desire leads away from the truth of who you are and to suffering. The willingness to be pierced by the arrow of truth, is the willingness to be at peace and free. The death of the illusions and projections that come from desire is the end of all suffering.

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The Most Sublime Truth


Unlike other desires, the desire for true freedom is an invitation to turn the mind back to the source, the very core of the desire itself, rather than projecting into the future searching for freedom in circumstances there. The most sublime truth of all has never been stated, or written, or sung. Not because it is far away and cannot be reached because it is so intimately close. It is too close to be described, objectified, or known, yet it is already yours. It is alive and present as the [...]

The Most Sublime Truth2018-04-07T02:16:10+01:00
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