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Overcome Weakness


You cannot overcome weakness by fighting it or thinking your way out of it. You overcome weakness by leaving it behind you. This means that through self-observation you choose to become aware of the inner tendencies that bring you down that do not support a belief in self, that do not endorse a love of self, and you say, "Enough, I choose another way." You take action and then move yourself out of the slovenly ways of the collective unconscious into a discipline of power. From time to time, you [...]

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Our Mission


We are not our bodies our emotions or our minds or any of the structures and restrictions we experience around us. We are an infinite part of the god force using the physical form to experience spiritual development through a special teaching called "daily life." When you entered the Earth plane, the energy that is really you, left its house in the higher dimensions of pure light and entered, by choice, the body you are now in. You chose the circumstances of this life because it was the next step [...]

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